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Dealing with Pests in Autumn

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A lot of people are wondering if pests will start to disappear now that summer is over. Yes, pests will indeed dwindle in number as the weather starts to cool down and the cold temperature will reduce their breeding and activities. However, it still would not be safe to say that your property is pest-free.

The thing is, even in cooler months, temperatures inside homes remain warm, plus the availability of food and water are what draws pests inside the house. Pests tend to seek refuge from the cold weather by moving into houses for warmth where they can live and breed.

Pests Common in Autumn

Perhaps, the most common pest you have to be on the lookout for as soon as the temperatures start to decrease are rodents. Winter is, in fact, believed to be the rat season. The home is their first go-to place when the weather starts to cool down. Why? With its easy accessibility to water and food, it is definitely the ideal haven for these animals.

Regardless of the season, rats breed heavily all around the year. They only seem more rampant during colder months as they prefer to stay inside to get away from the cold. Now, this is when the nightmare begins. Once inside, rodents can cause so much havoc to your property. Many house fires have been started by rats gnawing on electrical wires. Then again, fires are not the only threat you should be worried about. Rat infestations carry lots of diseases that can endanger your and your family’s life.

Other Pests You Should Worry About

Cockroaches remain an issue all throughout the year, most especially the German Cockroaches. The kitchen is their most favourite part of your house since there is easy access to food and water. Due to their rapid breeding cycle, they can reproduce very quickly and can pose a big problem in just a short amount of time.

How to Curtail Autumn Pests

  • Keep them thirsty – Pests seek water in earnest. Check for any leaking plumbing or any water pooling around the house. If you find any, have them repaired right away. Do not let water accumulate in sinks and showers for a long time. Ensure you keep them dry if not in use.
  • Keep them away from food – Pests, like all organisms, need food. To prevent from drawing these pests towards your home, clean up spills straight away, do not leave food wrappers and containers lying around, make sure garbage bins are tightly sealed, keep food containers sealed or covered securely and make sure to clean up food crumbs and scraps and dispose them into tightly covered bins. Rats have an uncanny ability to smell food even from far distances so keep your place as clean as possible.
  • Shut them out – Hard yet doable. First off, rodents (rats and mice) are so flexible that they can squeeze in through tiny openings and gain access, so you have to make sure that your roofing is in good condition; meaning no leaks, no broken tiles, no cracks. Protect your gutters with a mesh covering. Do the same with any gaps or holes you have in the external wall, including the pipes to prevent rodents from entering your home.

On the contrary, some pests cannot be kept out by these means. Pests such as ants, spiders and cockroaches will always find their way into your home. It is always best to ask the help of professionals if you want to prevent these insects from living and breeding in your dwelling. At Defence Pest Management, our technicians offer a fast-response pest management service. We recommend the most appropriate treatment for your property and explain why we chose it so you could have a chance to make an informed decision about protecting your home.