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Barrier System And Baiting Methods For Eradicating White Ants

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White ants, or termites, are undeniably one of the most destructive pests that can invade any type of property. For as long as there are cellulose-based materials found in your home, including wooden furniture and timber that white ants can feed on, then there is always a risk of infestation.

Methods of Termite Control

But while almost every home in Australia is at risk of pest infestation, there are also ways to control and even eradicate the termites. At Defence Pest Management, we begin with inspecting your home to determine the type and degree of infestation. Our team will then come up with methods of pest control and elimination that is most effective for your specific requirements.

Chemical Barrier System

Liquid Termiticides

A widely-used termite treatment at Defence Pest Management, liquid termiticides act as a barrier system so that termites will not be able to enter your home. This is most useful for getting rid of subterranean termites that begin their invasion from the ground.

Subterranean termites nest in the soil, creating tunnel-like passages to move from one area to another. They require plenty of moisture for survival and mainly feed on damp, rotten wood, such as trees and untreated timber. And because they move underground, they are hardly seen or noticed as they attack your property.

The liquid termiticides can be applied to the soil, thus treating it by repelling and killing the subterranean termites. Liquid termiticides can often last for years, but the frequency of application can vary depending on your circumstances.

Baiting Method

Sentricon White Ant Control System

Baiting is another effective method for managing and eliminating termites, where a poisoned cellulose-based material is used as a bait to get rid of an entire termite colony. Specifically, the Sentricon white ant control system uses several bait stations that are placed in the ground. These bait stations contain food for the termite, which the worker termites will gather and bring back to their nest.

Since their food is poisoned, the termites will gradually die, including the queen, making it impossible for their colony to survive and continue infesting your property.

Preventing Termite Infestations

Before any infestation can even begin, you can already prevent the termites from even getting attracted to your home. Always keep any cellulose-based materials outside your home – mulch, pile of woods, trees – away from the perimeter of the main structure.

You should also have your property inspected and treated, not only for termites but also other pests, including spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, mites and fleas, at least once a year.