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Avoid Sharing Your Home With Spiders

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Even if you’re not one of those people who shrieks in horror upon spotting a spider, you’d probably rather not live with one – or many – of them in your home. When you set about purchasing a new home, you’ll undoubtedly have it closely looked over by a reputable building inspector; such an examination is par for the course in such situations. Unfortunately, though, many people completely neglect to have a pest inspection done on their prospective new home. Hiring a pest control company to carefully examine your new home for spiders is smart – especially if you have children, who are much more likely to stumble across the redback spider.

Inspecting For Redback Spiders

As you’re undoubtedly aware, redback spiders are quite common in most parts of Australia. All too often, pest inspections in Brisbane reveals their presence – then the real fun begins. Getting rid of redback spiders is no easy task. Spotting them isn’t too difficult; female redbacks are the ones to look out for, they are larger than a fifty cent piece and are black, with a telltale red band down their backs along with an hourglass shaped symbol. Once they’re located, a series of insecticide treatments is necessary. Just using insecticide a single time generally isn’t enough to truly eradicate them from the premises.

Why The Worry Over Redbacks?

Redback spiders aren’t aggressive. In other words, they don’t tend to seek people out in order to bite them. A redback spider bite does not always require antivenom, although a trip to the hospital is usually a smart idea. The biggest risk associated with redback spiders is that curious children often stumble upon their webs then end up with a series of painful bites. Since kids are so much smaller than adults, the consequences of a redback spider bite can be far more serious. Inspectors know where to look for redback spiders and their webs, and they can teach you how to check periodically yourself to help lessen the chances of your kids getting bit.

Don’t Get More Than You’d Bargained For

A new home should also be a new beginning for you and your family. Why mar such a pleasant experience by having to deal with a horde of redback spiders – or any spiders, for that matter? Those in the know always include a pest inspection before closing any real estate deal. Even if the presence of redbacks isn’t a deal breaker for you, it still helps to know what you’re getting yourself into. Also, treating a home that has a redback spider infestation is far easier to do when there’s no furniture – or people – present. Take care of it before you move in, and you’ll be better off.