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Avoid Getting Stung By Bees

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How lovely it is walking around your garden, gazing at the blooming flowers and observing the butterflies as they come by. Well, not until you hear some buzzing sound coming your way and realising that a bee (or a group of them) is seemingly headed into your direction. The classic reaction we often hear from many individuals we’ve worked with at Defence Pest Management is that they scamper away in fear of getting stung by the bees.

However, did you know that panicking and running away is most likely going to get you stung than if you just stood there and stayed calm? That’s because moving around may seem strange to bees and you may actually appear as a threat to them. In turn, they will have to defend themselves. This is especially true if you are in a nearby colony of bees and your presence become a threat. They only really sting as a defence to attackers and they eventually die after they sting you.

Preventing the Stings

Although, at one point or another, you will inevitably encounter bees, here are ways to avoid getting stung.

Don’t attract bees

There are two points to this. First, keep a neutral scent. Wearing perfume or cologne with a strong or flowery scent is simply inviting them. Bees are hunting for nectar and one of their ways for detection is through the scent.

Second, avoid wearing bright coloured clothing – and especially those with floral designs. If you do, you’re really just asking for it. While you’d think they’re spending most of the time on flowers, it doesn’t mean they won’t get curious about you. This is because of your smell, as well as what you are wearing.

And you know what the chances are if you suddenly find a bee stalking you; you may end up in panic and then get stung.

Don’t come to them

You may love the flowers in the garden, but the bees love them even more. If you are sensing that there are bees visiting as much as you do, it’s best to avoid the area. This doesn’t mean though that there is a higher chance that you will get stung; however, it’s better that you don’t disturb their activity or they may end up becoming defensive. If you are going to stay in the area, you should watch out for them as they could suddenly pop out.

The same thing is true with their colony or hive. Never try to disturb a beehive or you’ll pay the price. Worse, there isn’t just one worker bee that will defend its territory – there could be hundreds of them!

Take Unwanted Bees Out of Your Property

Some residents just can’t live with bees and beehives nearby because of the danger of unintentionally disturbing the colony and having the bees attack them. If you need to have any bees removed from your property, Defence Pest Management can help you with this. You then won’t have to worry about the possibility of suffering from the stings if you do it yourself.