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Asthma – Epidemic or Situation Created

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More and more of our children are being diagnosed with asthma.

The doctors tell us this is an incurable disease and it certainly may appear this way.

Yes, there are medications available to help sufferers of this life threatening disease but it is important to educate yourself and be aware of what you can do to help yourself and your children.

For instance, cockroaches thrive in warm, humid climates in densely populated areas, which is why we find so many of them in Eastern Australia.

The further north you travel the greater the chance of spotting these scurrying creatures in your homes and associated buildings.

It has been reported that as many as 300,000 cockroaches can be residing in the cavities and cracks of a home so you can see why they may cause some health risks.

Apart from the obvious solution which is to call in the professionals such as ourselves at Defence Pest Management, there are some steps you can take to prevent the invasion of the dreaded cockroach.

• Remove your kitchen rubbish regularly.

• Wipe your benches clear of scraps and don’t leave food out.

• Even uneaten pet food can be an invitation so keep those bowls clean.

• If you have little used taps or toilets in the home, run or flush them from time to time.

• Clean under and behind the fridge and dishwasher.

• Seal cracks and gaps in walls and floors.

• Don’t stack rubbish or paper of any kind for too long in doors and if it’s been outdoors for a while, leave it outdoors or check it before it comes indoors.

Cockroach Allergens Trigger Asthma Reactions

Cockroach allergies have been recorded as far back as 1943. Due to this issue, a skin test was developed in 1959 to confirm if cockroaches could be the reason for some asthma attacks.

The reason a cockroach could be the culprit is that the proteins in their faeces, body parts and saliva which we refer to as allergens can cause irritation to bronchial passages.

If your child awakes with asthma conditions it may be that there are cockroaches in the room. Check your child’s school bag, toy box, under the bed and wardrobe. Furthermore, keep them clean and clutter free.